usa gymnastics scandal
December 5, 2018

USA Gymnastics, facing 100 lawsuits from victims of former team doctor Larry Nassar, filed bankruptcy on Wednesday.

Nassar was sentenced to 125 years in prison earlier this year after he pleaded guilty to molesting 10 girls. The new chairwoman of the USA Gymnastics board of directors, Kathryn Carson, said the organization owes it to survivors "to resolve, fully and finally, claims based on the horrific acts of the past and, through this process, seek to expedite resolution and help them move forward." The claims will be covered by insurance, but USA Gymnastics, which has lost several major sponsors, says it has "no other significant assets" to cover other expenses.

John Manly, an attorney representing 180 women who say Nassar sexually abused them, told NBC News that by filing for bankruptcy, USA Gymnastics is able to block the effort to "discover the truth about who at USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee knew about Nassar's criminal conduct and failed to stop it. The leadership of USA Gymnastics has proven itself to be both morally and financially bankrupt. They have inflicted and continue to inflict unimaginable pain on survivors and their families." Catherine Garcia

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