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April 25, 2019

Anita Hill says former Vice President Joe Biden still owes her a true apology for the way he handled Justice Clarence Thomas' Senate confirmation hearings, and until she receives one, Hill won't be able to support his 2020 presidential bid.

"I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I'm sorry for what happened to you," she told The New York Times during an interview published Thursday. "I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose."

Biden's campaign announced on Thursday that he called Hill earlier this month to share "his regret for what she endured and his admiration for everything she has done to change the culture around sexual harassment in this country." Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991, when Hill accused Thomas, then a Supreme Court nominee, of sexual harassment. Biden has been criticized for allowing Republicans to attack Hill, and not calling more witnesses to support her.

Hill told the Times that this is about more than just expressing regret, and that Biden "needs to give an apology to the other women and to the American public because we know now how deeply disappointed Americans around the country were about what they saw. And not just women. There are women and men now who have just really lost confidence in our government to respond to the problem of gender violence." Catherine Garcia

January 11, 2018

Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah), the daughter of Haitian immigrants and the first black female Republican elected to Congress, called President Trump's vulgar description of Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries "divisive" and "elitist."

Trump called the nations "shitholes" during a meeting Thursday with lawmakers, and in a statement, Love said his comments were "unkind" and "fly in the face of our nation's values. This behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation." Love said her parents "proudly took an oath of allegiance to the United States and took on the responsibilities of everything that being a citizen comes with. They never took a thing from our federal government. They worked hard, paid taxes, and rose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for their children. They taught their children to do the same. That's the American Dream."

Love then called on Trump to apologize "to both the American people and the nations he so wantonly maligned." It was a kinder response than the one Trump received from former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who said Trump's mouth is "the foulest shithole in the world." Catherine Garcia

February 6, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently thinks Fox News owes him an apology for the "insulting" questions Fox News host Bill O'Reilly posed to President Trump in an interview aired Sunday. In the interview, O'Reilly asked Trump why he was so interested in improving relations with Putin, given that Putin is "a killer." While Trump's response that our country also has "a lot of killers" and isn't "so innocent" has drawn ire from congressional Republicans, it was the question — not the answer — that provoked Putin.

"We consider such words from the Fox TV company to be unacceptable and insulting, and honestly speaking, we would prefer to get an apology from such a respected TV company," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday. O'Reilly's question referred to accusations that the Kremlin has killed opponents, with a judge ruling last year that Putin had "'probably' authorized the murder of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London," Reuters reported. Putin has repeatedly denied those allegations, and Trump said in the interview Sunday that "many people say it wasn't him."

The Kremlin, it seems, didn't have anything to say in response to Trump's remarks. "As for statements by the U.S. president, I would prefer not to comment in this case," Peskov said.

Fox News and O'Reilly have not yet responded to the Kremlin's request. Becca Stanek

December 5, 2016

On Monday, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough tore into Michael Flynn, President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for national security adviser, for propagating fake news stories on his Twitter account. The conversation was prompted by an incident Sunday afternoon at a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor, in which a man fired a shot after arriving to "self-investigate" Pizza Gate, a fake news story that alleged the pizza shop was the center of a child sex slave ring organized by Hillary Clinton. Though Flynn never tweeted about the pizza conspiracy, he did mention Clinton's "sex crimes [with] children" in a tweet; Flynn's son, however, did specifically refer to the fake story in tweets.

"He needs to apologize to Americans," Scarborough said, arguing that Flynn "has left a trail of crap behind him with retweets." "He is in one of the most important positions in the White House. On Jan. 20, he needs to apologize for what he has done, unrelated to this fake news story, but with the other fake news stories, the retweets about Jews, the retweets about Muslims."

Watch Scarborough make his case for why Flynn needs to apologize below. Becca Stanek

September 10, 2016

Democrat Hillary Clinton should apologize for insulting half of Donald Trump's supporters, the Republican's campaign said Saturday morning on Twitter.

The Trump camp's outrage came in response to comments Clinton made Friday evening while speaking at a fundraiser in New York. "To just be grossly generalistic," she said, "you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up."

After the line made headlines, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tweeted to Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill early Saturday that Clinton should issue an apology. Trump himself took umbrage on Twitter several hours later in his typically blustery style.

Clinton went on to speak more empathetically of the other half of Trump voters — "people who feel that the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures" — but those remarks received considerably less attention. The Democratic nominee has yet to apologize, and per one analysis from The Washington Post, probably won't lose any votes if she refuses to do so.

Update 2:23 p.m.: Hillary Clinton issued a brief statement Saturday in which she apologized for saying "half" of Donald Trump's supporters belong in the deplorable basket. She did not retract her condemnation of Trump's campaign as a "national platform [for] hateful views and voices." Bonnie Kristian

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