April 3, 2019

Great news for John Legend fans: Now you can hear his voice do more than sing the hits.

On Wednesday, Google launched a limited-time voice cameo from the singer for all of its Google Assistant-enabled devices, including Android phones and Google Home devices, CNET reported.

By activating the new voice option, Google Assistant users can hear Legend's voice respond to many different cues and commands — though not everything. Among Legend's abilities are singing "Happy Birthday," telling the weather, and answering questions like "Who is Chrissy Teigen?" or "How do you cook bacon in the oven?"

To hear Legend's voice from Google Assistant, users can simply say, "Hey, Google, talk like a Legend." The setting can also be activated via the Google Assistant app, The Verge explained.

For now, this feature is only available for Google Assistant users in the U.S. who use their Google device in the English language — but it's likely that Google will add more celebrity cameos with broader options in the future. Read more at The Verge, and get a preview of your Assistant's new sound below. Shivani Ishwar

March 21, 2019

You don't have to be baseball fan to catch some feelings from this goodbye.

On Thursday, MLB legend Ichiro Suzuki finished up a 29-year career on an indisputably high note. Sure, the 45-year-old outfielder and his Seattle Mariners earned a 5-4 win over the Oakland Athletics in Tokyo's Japan Opening Series. But the reaction from the 45,000-person crowd and Ichiro's teammates after he was pulled from the game during its eighth inning was far more historic.

Ichiro spent more than a decade with the Mariners before gracing a few more MLB teams and then returning to Seattle in 2018. He took a front office position last May, but came back to the field Wednesday for the first Mariners game of the season and appeared again on Thursday. It seemed pretty clear that Ichiro intended to play the last games of his career in his home country of Japan, and he made his retirement official after Thursday's game.

While Ichiro didn't earn any runs on Thursday, he leaves behind a career marked by 3,089 hits in the MLB. Combined with his 1,278 hits as a professional in Japan, Ichiro holds the record for the most professional hits of all time. Watch more of Ichiro's final on-field moments below. Kathryn Krawczyk

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