What's your Sleep Number?
July 12, 2018

President Trump is bizarrely obsessed with the new Air Force One planes, which in all likelihood wouldn't be in service by the end of his hypothetical second term, much less by the end of his first. Still, one of the most famous airplanes in the world is apparently not up to snuff for the commander in chief, who wants it to be "more like … his personal plane" than the current configuration, Axios reports.

Of particular concern to Trump is the sleeping situation on Air Force One, described by Axios as "couch-like." Trump has apparently voiced a desire for "the presidential bed aboard Air Force One to be larger and more comfortable."

That isn't all Trump wants to change — he is apparently trying to get rid of the famous robin's-egg blue paint job on Air Force One in favor of a "more American" look of red, white, and blue. Read more about Trump's modifications for a plane he will possibly never even fly in at Axios. Jeva Lange

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