Mean Tweets
May 31, 2019

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant may have had to sit out his team's loss to the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, but he was first up in Jimmy Kimmel's latest collection of Mean Tweets. "That's a lot," he said, smiling, after reading a profanity-laced Twitter screed for Thursday's Kimmel Live. Raptors star Kawhi Leonard did not read a mean tweet, but guard Kyle Lowry — who scored seven points in Toronto's 118-109 win over the Warriors — did, as did Danny Green (11 points) and other NBA stars, past and present, plus team owner Steve Ballmer. Watch below — the last tweet response is a doozy. Peter Weber

October 10, 2018

Many of the insults in Jimmy Kimmel's fifth batch of musicians reading mean tweets about themselves are more vulgar (though safe for work, thanks to ABC's censors) than mean. But there are some pretty creative ones, too, on Tuesday's Kimmel Live — watch G-Eazy and the Chainsmokers read their assigned tweets — and some deep cuts. Imagine Dragons laughed off being compared to Hitler and Maroon 5, Pink played along, Elvis Costello had no visible reaction, and Miley Cyrus flipped her tweeter the bird. The coup de grâce, though, was Korn grimacing at being compared to Nickelback, followed by Nickelback reading their own mean tweet. Watch below. Peter Weber

August 10, 2018

Even though it was rap and hip hop artists reading mean tweets about themselves on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, they still read their insults under the dulcet and melancholy arpeggios of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts." 50 Cent turned his mean tweet in to a PSA, Eve showed off a tattoo, Remy Ma offered to fight her mean-tweeter, and other musicians pulled faces or offered mild protest. T-Pain took his lumps with a grin and no auto-tune, but he had some technical difficulties near the end. Watch below. Peter Weber

May 1, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War may be the most lucrative film in existence, but that doesn't mean its stars are immune from criticism. So on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, most of the film's boldface-name actors read mean tweets about themselves for your amusement and schadenfreude. (Thor and Iron Man sat this one out.) Some of the critiques were bizarre and others quite mean, but not all of them. Chadwick Boseman, for example, might want to frame his, while Benedict Cumberbatch found his mean tweet hilarious and Elizabeth Olsen actually agreed with hers. Watch below. Peter Weber

March 7, 2018

When people on Twitter have unkind things to say about musicians, they draw heavily on phallic imagery, at least according to the selection of mean tweets picked out for Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. With R.E.M. playing in the background, Nick Jonas and Alice Cooper didn't disagree with the tweeted descriptions of them, Green Day and TLC responded to their mean tweets with short discussions, Erykah Badu offered an explanation, Common offered an explicative, Pink and Adam Levine had some constructive criticism for their mean-tweeters, Zendaya took her tweet as a compliment, and Meghan Trainor looked sad. Pull on your schadenfreude and watch below. Peter Weber

February 2, 2018

Super Bowl LII is on Sunday, and to get a weary nation ready for the big game, Jimmy Kimmel brought on current and former NFL players Thursday to read mean things people posted about them on Twitter. The football personalities handled their abuses differently. Terry Bradshaw refused to take his insult as an insult, Fletcher Cox hinted at a better slur, Amari Cooper flat-out rejected his jibe, Emmanuel Sanders tried to apply logic, and Peyton Manning didn't appear to think that his put-down was far off-base. Enjoy the good-natured abasement below. Peter Weber

November 15, 2017

On Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, a bunch of celebrities flipped the mean-tweet script and read unkind comments about Kimmel to celebrate his 50th birthday — one of several surprises for Kimmel on the show. "My mother was mad about it after the show — she was like, 'Why would those people say these things about you?'" Kimmel said on Tuesday's Kimmel Live. "She wanted to know where they lived — she's Italian." But one of his 140-character roasters, Larry David, "really enjoyed it," Kimmel said, so much so that the mean tweet he read on Monday's show "was one of the few tweets he read that we could use, because he couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing. Every mean tweet he read about me had him cracking up, so I asked to see them," he said, and he thought you also might want to watch "Larry David unable to curb his enthusiasm about a lack of enthusiasm for me."

The Kimmel mean-tweet segments are a kind of ritualistic public self-flagellation, and so it felt kind of odd to see other people flagellating Kimmel. Showing the David outtakes essentially let Kimmel own his public humiliation, in the traditional mean-tweets spirit. "I don't know how to take that," Kimmel said gamely, "but I'm happy, because I didn't think Larry was capable of that kind of joy in his life." Peter Weber

November 14, 2017

Usually on Jimmy Kimmel's mean-tweet segments, people read mean comments about themselves posted on Twitter. But for Kimmel's 50th birthday, celebrated on Monday's Kimmel Live, a bunch of famous people stepped in to read mean things about Kimmel. The list of mean-tweet-readers included Kimmel's heroes, like David Letterman, as well as comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, actors like Chris Hemsworth and Halle Berry, and comic actors like Larry David — and some of the tweets are pretty mean. There were some weird ones, too, like Kim Kardashian reading a mean tweet about Kimmel from her husband, Kanye West. The reactions, as always, are what make it work.

Also on Kimmel's birthday show, most of which was a surprise for Kimmel, George Clooney hosted a This Is Your Life-type retrospective of Kimmel's life and career, taking some creative liberties and approaching roast territory without quite crossing that line.

Most people get special gifts on their 50th, but Ben Affleck and JJ. Abrams had a special one for Kimmel, featuring, among other people, Matt Damon as an arch-villain. "Wow, that was the best gift I ever got," Kimmel said. Which makes it a pretty happy birthday. Watch below. Peter Weber

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