July 11, 2019

Since financier Jeffrey Epstein's arrest over the weekend on sex trafficking charges, at least a dozen new alleged victims have come forward, accusing him of sexual abuse.

The Miami Herald reports at least five women have contacted Florida attorneys Brad Edwards and Jack Scarola. "The people we are speaking to are underage victims in Florida and in New York," Scarola said. "They are not individuals whose claims have previously been part of any law enforcement investigation."

New York prosecutors say Epstein, who is currently in a New York City prison, sexually abused dozens of girls inside his Manhattan town house from 2002 to 2005. In court on Thursday, his lawyers argued he should be released to await trial in his Upper East Side mansion; prosecutors say he is a flight risk. In the mid-2000s, law enforcement in Florida identified nearly two dozen girls who may have been abused by Epstein, but his lawyers negotiated a non-prosecution deal signed by Alexander Acosta, a former U.S. attorney and President Trump's current labor secretary, and Epstein only pleaded guilty to state charges of prostitution, earning an 18-month jail sentence. Catherine Garcia

July 9, 2019

A 27-year-old Arizona man told investigators he stabbed a 17-year-old to death inside a convenience store last Thursday because the teen was listening to rap music in his car, which made him feel "unsafe."

Court filings state that Michael Adams told police he heard the music as he approached a Circle K in Peoria, Arizona, and felt uneasy because he's been attacked before by people who listened to rap, specifically "blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans." Adams, who is white, also told investigators he decided to be "proactive rather than reactive" to the "threat" he faced.

Police say the victim, Elijah al-Amin, was buying a soda after getting off of work, and had his back turned when he was stabbed in the neck. Adams, who was released from prison two days before the attack, has been charged with first-degree murder. His attorney, Jacie Cotterell, said in court her client is mentally ill, and when he left prison, he did not have any medicine or a way to receive mental health treatment, The Guardian reports.

The Arizona Department of Corrections responded in a statement, saying Adams was "not designated seriously mentally-ill" and he had been given "contact information for services in the community such as continuing care, housing, welfare, as well as other community resources." Catherine Garcia

June 6, 2019

A former critical-care physician at Mount Carmel Health in Columbus, Ohio, has been charged with 25 counts of murder, after allegedly ordering lethal doses of pain medication for patients.

On Wednesday, William Husel, 43, pleaded not guilty to the charges. Authorities say the incidents took place between 2015 and 2018, when Husel allegedly ordered that patients receive at least 500 micrograms of fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine, and during a press conference Wednesday, Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien said expert witnesses told investigators "that a dosage to that level could not support any legitimate medical purpose and a dosage at that level would cause someone's death." Authorities said they have no motive, ABC News reports.

In December, police received a tip that "numerous patients" at Mount Carmel Health died while under the care of Husel, and they went on to investigate the deaths of 35 people. Husel was fired that month, and Mount Carmel Health, which is now facing several lawsuits, released a statement Wednesday saying they have "made and will continue to implement meaningful changes throughout our system to ensure events like these never happen again." Catherine Garcia

March 14, 2019

A gunman in a blue pickup shot dead Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali, the reputed head of the notorious Gambino crime family, outside his mansion in New York City's Staten Island borough on Wednesday night. Cali, 53 was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Federal prosecutors have referred to Cali as a Gambino underboss in court filings, but police sources tell the New York Post and New York Daily News that Cali was elevated to head of the Gambino organization in 2015, replacing Domenico Cefalu. The Daily News says he was shot six times in the chest.

This was the first murder of a mob boss in New York City since Gambino chief Paul Castellano was gunned down outside Sparks Steak House in Manhattan, on orders from the man who replaced him, John Gotti. Unlike the "Dapper Don," who died in prison in 2002, Cali "was a real quiet old-school boss," a police source told the Post, and "no one ever sees him." Killing Cali outside his house was "disrespectful," another police source told the Post. "Even Gotti had more respect. ... He did it out in Manhattan."

Cali, a native of Sicily, had replenished the ranks of Gambino gangsters with Italian immigrants and had focused operations on heroin and OxyContin, the Post reports. He was convicted in an extortion conspiracy involving a failed NASCAR track projected in 2008 and served 16 months in prison. Peter Weber

January 22, 2019

On Friday, three men and a juvenile were arrested in connection with an alleged plot to attack a predominately Muslim community in upstate New York, police in Greece, New York, announced Tuesday.

Islamberg is home to about 200 people, and was settled by followers of Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarik Gilani. During a press conference, Greece Police Chief Patrick D. Phelan said a 16-year-old at Greece Odyssey Academy showed a classmate a photo during lunch, and said the person looked "like the next school shooter." Police were tipped off, and during an interview with the teen, learned he was allegedly planning on attacking the Islamberg community, along with three men. At that point, "our investigation took us to this plot that we had no idea about," Phelan said.

Police arrested Brian Colaneri, 20, Vincent Vetromile, 19, Andrew Crysel, 18, and the 16-year-old on Friday. They discovered three improvised explosive devices at the juvenile's home, and through search warrants, found 23 legally owned shotguns and rifles. Phelan said the suspects began planning the attack about a month ago, and on Saturday, the adults were each charged with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree and one count of conspiracy in the fourth degree. Due to the teenager's age, police did not release any information on his charges. Catherine Garcia

October 12, 2018

On Thursday, Jasiel Correia, the 26-year-old Democratic mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, was arrested on 13 federal fraud charges, accused of defrauding investors and using the money to fund his "lavish lifestyle."

In 2012, Correia launched a company called SnoOwl and claimed to be developing an app that connected local businesses with potential customers, CBS Boston reports. Federal prosecutors allege that he was able to raise $363,690 from seven investors, and from January 2013 to May 2017, diverted at least $231,447 to himself, spending the money on a Mercedes Benz, fancy hotel rooms, jewelry for a former girlfriend, and adult entertainment. He also allegedly filed false tax returns in 2013 and 2014, only amending them in 2017 when he learned he was under federal investigation.

"Mr. Correia blurred the lines between his private business and public duties, using investor funds as his own personal ATM, systemically looting almost one-quarter of $1 million," FBI special agent in charge Harold Shaw said. Correia's actions were "underhanded, shameless, and greedy," he said, and "brought undeserved shame and embarrassment upon the city of Fall River." Correia served on the city council for two years before being elected mayor in November 2015. He has denied any wrongdoing and said he will not resign. He was released on Thursday, and his case has been continued until Dec. 6. Catherine Garcia

September 19, 2018

A Southern California surgeon who appeared on Bravo's 2014 reality show Online Dating Rituals of the American Male and was once named Orange County's Most Eligible Bachelor stands accused of drugging and raping two women, with prosecutors saying there are likely at least dozens of other victims out there.

On Tuesday, prosecutors alleged that Dr. Grant William Robicheaux, 38, of Newport Beach and his girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, drugged and raped two women in 2016. Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas described Robicheaux and Riley as being "clean-cut, good-looking people," and said they went looking for women at bars and festivals. One of the victims contacted police in April 2016 after she was allegedly raped, and on Oct. 2, 2016, one of Robicheaux's neighbors called police when he heard a different woman screaming for help from inside his house.

During subsequent searches, the Los Angeles Times reports, police found cocaine, MDMA, GBH, and illegal unregistered weapons inside Robicheaux's house, as well as several videos, including one showing sex acts with a victim. The investigation was turned over to Newport Beach prosecutors on Sept. 6, charges were filed Sept. 11, and Robicheaux and Riley were arrested Sept. 12; both are now free on $100,000 bail. They face multiple felony counts, including rape by drugs and oral copulation by anesthesia. The Times asked a Newport Beach police spokeswoman why it took so long for the arrests to be made, and she said the "evidence initially did not meet the standard to make an arrest." Catherine Garcia

January 28, 2018

Authorities in Saltlick Township, Pennsylvania, say four people were killed in a shooting at a car wash early Sunday morning.

The victims have been identified as Chelsie Cline, 25; Courtney Snyder, 23; Seth Cline, 21; and William Porterfield, 27. Chelsie Cline's half-sister, Sierra Kolarik, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the suspect, 28-year-old Timothy Smith, had become obsessed with Cline. Police say during the attack, Smith suffered a gunshot wound to the head, possibly self-inflicted, and is on life support. He is not expected to survive. Officials said Smith was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun when he arrived at the car wash.

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