Each week, we spotlight a hotel recommended by some of the industry's top travel writers. This week's pick is Tiger Lodge in Lympne, U.K.

(Courtesy image)

At this unusual property in southern England, you can sleep within a whisker of a ferocious predator, said Sally Peck at The Daily Telegraph (U.K.). Set inside the tiger enclosure at Port Lympne wildlife preserve, the two-bedroom Tiger Lodge has giant — and reassuringly thick — glass walls that are all that separate you from two big cats.

A tigress named Ingrid was napping 3 inches from the bedroom window when our family arrived. My husband and I were soon sipping aperitifs while studying the unique markings of her fur and the rise and fall of her enormous belly.

Read more at The Daily Telegraph, or book the lodge through the Aspinall Foundation. Doubles start at $500.