This week's question: A woman was barred from boarding a United Airlines flight with what she claimed was her "emotional support peacock," which the airline said was too big and unruly to be a service animal. If Disney were to make an animated film about the adventures of an emotional support animal aboard a plane, what would it be called?

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THE WINNER: "The Jungle, Booked"
Peter Smith, Los Angeles

SECOND PLACE: "Dumbo Does Delta"
Mort Oakes, Dover, Pa.

THIRD PLACE: "Crouching Tiger, Hiding Flight Attendant"
James A. Glynn, Madera, Calif.


"All Dogs Go to First Class"
David Soper
, Sonora, Ky.

"101 Flights with Dalmations"
Skip Flanagan, Roseville, Calif.

"Boarding Nemo"
Luke Powers, Pacifica, Calif.

"Plane of the Apes"
Phyllis Klein, New York City

"Up, Up, and a Whale"
Mike Meredith, Seattle

"Born Freequent Flyer"
Todd York, Cincinnati

"747 Dalmations"
Bruce Carlson, Alexandria, Va.

"Hare Force One"
Dave Grossman, Petaluma, Calif.

"Pup in the Air"
Darryl Adachi, Edenton, N.C.

"Finding Nemo's Seat"
Jim Bertram, St. Cloud, Minn.

"Have Gnu, Will Travel"
Linda Manuel, Stockton, N.J.

"Condor Air"
James Smith, New York City

"Boeing and the Beast"
George Boehmer, Wetumpka, Ala.

"Foghorn Legroom"
John Bregoli, Weymouth, Mass.